Keystone Media was selected by the National Marriage Challenge, Dec. 2014, to raise awareness (and funds) for the DeBoer v Snyder legal case. This was one of the lead court cases argued in front of the Supreme Court of the United States in April 2015, with the ruling in June 2015 that brought marriage equality to all Americans.

Our own statistics showed that our campaign was incredibly successful in raising awareness and funds by:

  • The website we created. Now taken down but check out our case study. We integrated Salsa as our fund raising CRM
  • Blogging. Keystone Media wrote most of the blog articles for the NMC
  • Email campaign. Keystone Media created a well constructed and aggressive email campaign forfundraising and events
  • Tweeting. Regular tweeting works! 🙂
  • Facebook posts. We created tremendous engagement on Facebook
  • A great Google Adwords campaign. Ask us about Google’s non-profit grants for adword campaigns. It’s an interesting story and a blog article all onto itself.

Now we have unbiased proof! Estately conducted a survey of what people Googled most in their specific state. In Michigan the term was ‘Marriage Equality’! This was our number one keyword phrase! Keystone Media is extremely proud of our part in this successful campaign.

Marriage Equality High Ranking Term