National Marriage Challenge

National Marriage Challenge (NMC) contracted with Keystone to provide a wide range of services, from website design to development. Once their site was launched, NMC required marketing support in the form of blogging, fundraising, outreach campaigns, and social media to increase and engage their audience.

The Background

The NMC knew they were going to find out whether or not they would be arguing for marriage equality in front of the Supreme Court mid-January 2015. They would likely need to up their presence with a new site, a donation system, an email campaign, FaceBook page, and consistent blogging. In late December of 2014, they contracted with Keystone to make a website for their cause. Once their court date was set, Keystone would be the one to develop their online marketing strategies.

The goals were to raise awareness and funds to support the legal process as it unfolded.

The Strategy

First things first, we customized a WordPress theme to tell the story about April and Jayne, the two nurses that were in the center of this epic civil rights battle. After much research, we settled on Salsa as our donation system of record. They were a good choice and worked with us to ensure our needs were met.

Keystone customized the donation page for the NMC. Keystone branded all the various marketing channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We wrote blog articles and spread the word through our community outreach campaigns, such as having people send us their wedding pictures for posting on our blog and Facebook page.

Keystone designed a number of community involvement campaigns, in addition to the personal wedding photos, including a countdown to court campaign, final donation days, and house parties with pictorial galleries. Keystone supported all fundraising efforts with additional email campaigns.


Because of the great effort of the NMC legal team, the case won and marriage equality is now the law of the land.

Keystone was able to raise the number of Facebook page likes from just under 1,000 likes to 3,500 in four months. While website readership was very high, Facebook engagement was our metric of choice. We had record numbers of posting likes and comments, with a peak of 14,000 post likes.