Website Maintenance & Support

Maintenance Plans: Protect Your Investment

Website Security

Now that your website is launched, the next phase of technical oversight, website maintenance, begins. Regular oversight means your website’s software and server are kept current. Regular software version updates are one of the surest methods for reducing cyber-attack threats.

WordPress websites are awesome. We love this platform for its amazing extendability and flexibility. For all its greatness, WordPress websites require ongoing, tender loving care in the form of regular oversight. Ongoing maintenance is the way to keep your WordPress website safe. For proactive threat mitigation, it’s important for companies to include ‘website maintenance’ in the annual budget.

Keeping your website’s software updated and safe makes good business sense. Keeping your site’s software current allows it to last longer and run as smoother.

We offer customized packages to meet your unique business needs.  Keystone’s services are responsive to your needs and delivered in a timely, professional manner.

Website Content Updates

Keeping your content fresh and relevant is a top method for improving search engine optimization (SEO). Keystone supports your effort with timely content updates. You’ll no longer have to wait for your website updates to be made.

We know how to keep your content fresh. All new content is developed with SEO and ADA compliant best practices in place.

Check out Keystone’s content marketing service while you’re here!

Keystone offers flexibility within a partner relationship. We support your customer outreach by keeping your content fresh.

What’s Included in Maintenance Packages:

  • Website software updates
  • Keeping your server software current
  • Cyber security threat mitigation
  • Content updates
  • Crawl to monitor for bad links

Keystone takes care of the details so you can take care of business.

Web Hosting

Some of our clients come to us requiring website hosting. Keystone has been an affiliate of A2 Hosting for over a decade. While A2 Hosting started off as a small Ann Arbor-based company, they have grown to have global data centers, offering the same great customer service they always have. Yet, they are still headquartered in Ann Arbor AND independently owned! Another reason we love A2 Hosting is their green initiatives and their awareness of the need to be stewards of our planet. But the biggest reason to use A2 Hosting is for their servers, which are fast and secure.

Our clients either have Keystone arrange for their hosting services, or they go directly to A2 Hosting and purchase their own server space direct. Often our clients come to us to help determine which hosting package makes sense for their needs.