Responsive design is an elegant approach to web design where the site responds to users based on the screen size, platform, and resolution. Through the use of CSS3, responsive design targets desktop, tablet, or mobile devices and serves up flexible layouts and images, which allows the site to resize itself to fit the size of the display.

We all know the market is flooded with devices of all sizes and shapes. Responsive design allows for the site’s adaptation of the myriad of devices that read websites.  Responsive design is a perfect solution for those companies wishing to better their user experience within all platforms.

The user experience is improved by:

  1. No longer necessary to zoom in on the site to read content
  2. Consistent user experience from device to device
  3. All pages are available on all devices

A big reason for a company moving towards responsive design is it is Google’s preferred configuration. But there are other reasons as well.

  1. Reduced time and maintenance costs because your company is only maintaining one site.
  2. Improves SEO
  3. Wider browser support

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