logoLocal Orbit’s pilot launched this past week!

While every site teaches me new things, this site has been really fascinating to strategize, architect, design and build. The site came out really, really cool, but what I love most of all is it’s sheer potential for changing the way food distribution happens. And in turn, this can make a very real impact on local economies. We, as a society, need modern ways to keep our middle class viable. A healthy middle class makes for a healthy economy. The advent of the big box stores, industrialized agriculture and conglomerates has put a lot of wealth into a few hands. Our world is seeing the consequences of this. Local Orbit can be a part of the change that our world needs. Local Orbit is the online way we can support our local communities in a sustainable way. Local Orbit puts control back into the hands of people.

I invite you to check out localorb.it to find out more.