Market Segmentation

Properly segmented marketing can be incredibly effective in improving your results.

A well-targeted campaign makes your customers feel they are understood and valued. A well-targeted campaign builds goodwill and can even create brand ambassadors.

The Importance of Good Data

This information is not revolutionary. But what happens when a company uses bad data for its market segmentation? The answer is, that you may risk complete alienation from your potential customers. You’ll end up sending messages to your customers they can’t relate to and, quite frankly, could lead to complete disengagement.

A Personal Example

About 3 weeks after my birthday I received a card in the mail from a health insurance company (and not one I do business with). I’m a pretty flexible person so I didn’t think too much about the late timing. But to my horror, it stated that I was turning 64! Nothing against 64-year-olds, but I have a bit to go before I reach this magical age where I’ll be eligible for Medicare. They missed the mark with bad data – big time – and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I will not be calling on this company for services anytime soon.

The only silver lining is that it gave me this blog post on how companies can fail in their marketing efforts.