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Typically, my clients have been living in what I’ll call ‘traditional’ marketing. They have been immersed in the world of print, sending out waves of marketing collateral. First it’s the save the date postcard. Then a flyer with more details. Then a pamphlet. Oh sure, they definitely will have the content on the web site, and send out regular emails with updates and calls to register.

But it can be so much more!

It’s About Engagement

The 4 I’s of Engagement (from Forrester):

Involvement—Includes web analytics like site traffic, page views, time spent, etc. This essentially is the component that measures if a person is present.

Interaction—This component addresses the more robust actions people take, such as buying a product, requesting a catalog, signing up for an email, posting a comment on a blog, uploading a photo or video, etc. These metrics come from e-commerce or social media platforms.

Intimacy—The sentiment or affinity that a person exhibits in the things they say or the actions they take, such as the meaning behind a blog post or comment, a product review, etc. Services such as brand monitoring help track these types of conversations.

Influence—Addresses the likelihood that a person will recommend your product or service to someone else. It can manifest itself through brand loyalty or through recommendations to friends, family, or acquaintances. These metrics mostly come from surveys (both qualitative and quantitative).

So, how can this relate to increasing registration at a conference? Blogging is a means to more publicly release the same information as you might in your emails & web site. But you are also able to reach out and build community, buzz and visibility. Ask questions and LISTEN to the answers. Write about your presenters, ask what your attendees want.

There is another side to all of this. It’s not all about your own blog. Get involved in other blogs that relate to the topic. Read and comment on blogs.

Here is my take on the 4 I’s

Involvement – Get involved in blogs that relate to the topic of your conference. Mention them in your blog. Tweet about your blog. Reach out and get involved in the online community within your target market.

Interaction – Ask questions, listen and respond accordingly. It’s about the conversation that you are building

Intimacy – Speaks to the emotion that you are creating. A goal is to get people passionate or excited to be involved in your community. This intimacy is a bonding agent.

Influence – The goal is that with the above three I’s in place, your community will be influential with their peers. Therefore, not only registering for your conference, but forwarding posts on, creating a viral marketing effort.