It’s been a busy Fall here at Keystone. In the last couple of months, we have launched several websites. The first to launch was the new Scio Township website. The new site is much easier for township residents to find pertinent information, as well as being easy for staff to maintain. It’s a tremendous improvement over the old site in both style and ease of use. Everybody is very pleased with the results.

The next site we launched was (now out of business), an online portal for ensuring auto dealers maintain their OSHA compliance. This new startup is a subscription-based website, that incorporates e-commerce. AutoDealerSDS also has invested in a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign to ensure a successful roll-out of its services.

getDowntownAnn Arbor’s getDowntown program hired Keystone to design their new website. We are very proud of the new site. The design really pops! getDowntown’s requirement was to streamline content and ensure that the new site correctly targeted their core customer – Ann Arbor’s downtown commuter. The results are a total win!