Keystone Media Now a Google Partner with Adwords Search Advertising Certification

Keystone Media (Ann Arbor, MI) has offered Google Adwords services to clients for over a decade.

Annie Wolock, owner of Keystone Media says: “We’ve always loved working with Google Adwords. It’s a perfect way to solve an immediate website traffic problem. Adwords is a great solution for those times when companies need to gain quick traction in the market place. It’s a perfect way to fill the time gap from when a new web page or product is launched and when search engines index your web page so organic traffic clicks start. Adwords is also great for building brand awareness. I love Google Adwords for its sheer power. I love it so much, I decided to marry it, in the form of getting Adwords certified.”

Now that Annie is certified… Keystone Media becomes a qualified Google Partner. Our Google Partnership allows that we have demonstrable, advanced knowledge of Google Adwords advertising products. We’ve delivered results and have built long-lasting relationships with our clients. This partnership allows us access to free training and support.

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