updated: 5/22/2022

Keystone Media is quite successful in creating websites that consistently achieve first-page search results. What’s our secret? It’s no secret at all. It’s all in how a site is strategically planned and then how it’s implemented. There are no shortcuts to developing a site that both achieves its objectives AND ranks well in search returns.

Here are 5 basic SEO tips:

  1. Research keywords. You may hear a lot about keywords, but what are they really? These are the phrases that people type into the search engine to find services like yours. The words people type into a search engine may, or may not be industry lingo. Your potential customer may not know the technical terms that, you as an insider, use when speaking about your products or services. To find out how the general public talks about your products/services, speak with them and ask them. Talk to your customer service reps or salespeople. You’re sure to get some invaluable information this way.
  2. Use your keywords in your content. The search engines use algorithms to determine which sites to return in the results. Search engines also factor in the searcher’s intent. If you’re not using the words and with the right intent, you won’t get ranked. But it’s also important to know how to use the keywords within your site. This leads us to number three.
  3. Use your keywords correctly in your page. Make sure that your most important keywords are in your title tags and at the beginning of your text. Use your heading tags, bold, and bullets appropriately.
  4. Code your site using best practices and today’s web standards. There are lots of companies out there who make sites using templates and frameworks. Make sure that if your site is built with a template system, the code behind it is valid code. In today’s world, many content management system (CMS) themes are bloated and slow loading. Know the template you select will impact your SEO effectiveness.
  5. Leverage your internal links. Try to use your keywords to link from one page to another. Instead of using (click here) to link to more information, use your keywords as the link.

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