SEO Services

At Keystone, we embed SEO best practices within all our client’s websites.

SEO Strategy

the SEO triangleWhether you’re looking for local SEO in Ann Arbor or want to raise your online presence for specific keywords, SEO strategy and tactics fall into one of three categories: technical, content, and links.

One (of many) technical examples is page load time. Page load time is an important consideration with search algorithms. In September 2021, Google implemented ‘Core Web Vitals’, an algorithm update that increases the importance of certain page experience aspects. Page speed has become an important Google ranking signal. Keystone routinely checks page load time in our website audits.

The content within your website is an important piece of the SEO triangle. Good and valuable content is not only what the search algorithms want, but your website visitors want value as well. Keystone will evaluate your content as an integral part of our project.

Long gone are the days where you could simply purchase backlinks from a link farm. Backlinks are critical to your ultimate SEO success. They are notoriously hard to achieve, but not impossible. Keystone will work with you to improve the quality and number of backlinks to your website.

The same tactics used for great search engine optimization also create a great user experience. And a positive user experience means more business goals are met. Great SEO just makes great business sense all the way around.

Ranking for Local SEO

Getting the best Google ranking demands all SEO best practices be utilized. Keystone’s SEO services are especially great for local SEO in Ann Arbor. But make no mistakes, Keystone is awesome at local SEO no matter where your company is located. Local SEO is especially important for companies with multiple locations.

How Keystone Implements the Best SEO for Your Company

Good SEO starts with understanding your business goals, your customers, and your market. We’ll study the words your customers use. Then, we use these words in your content, information architecture, internal linking, and meta-tags. It’s like magic, how well-written content attracts more traffic AND turns that traffic into more customers. Visitors will see your solutions or products as the right answer to their needs.

Keystone’s SEO solutions increase the likelihood that relevant search terms return your website higher on the search engine results page (SERP).

SEO is fundamental within our Online Reputation Management (ORM) services. We work to raise up your company’s visibility and the rate at which visitors contact you (lead generation).