Content is the number one SEO tactic.

Revisited February 2023.

Having valuable content on your website is still the number one SEO tactic as we move forward in the year 2023. This is because offering your website visitors value in everything your do, is still the number one way to gain new customers. Anticipating customer needs and meeting them is still the best way to win and survive in business.

In addition to content, in the year 2023, you still have other ways to rank higher in the search results pages.

Current top SEO tip

Our current top SEO tip is being used with this very blog article. Using Google Analytics, track older blog articles that still offer good traffic. Then update the article with fresh and current content.

Search engines like to serve fresh content over older content. Taking your older,  well-received content and updating the information is a quick way to generate good content and improve search results.

Here are three other great SEO tips:

  • Better meta tags with improved keywords
  • Increasing the speed of your server
  • Make sure both your robots.txt and sitemap.xml files are top notch

Original post:
The past few months I have found myself discussing SEO tactics with clients, and potential clients, more than usual. Let’s face it, the better optimized your site is, the less you’ll pay for SEM. There is serious savings in having a well-optimized site, allowing for a much greater ROI.

There is a lot that can be done to make your site more findable when someone googles for your services. In my opinion, the number one way to make your site more findable is to have keywords in your content. I am always amazed when I review sites that don’t have any keywords on the home page. My advice is to start the new year off with a critical review of your site’s content to ensure that you are using words that people might search to finds services or products you’re offering. If you’re not sure what those words and phrases are, give us a call at 734.997.3000 and we can help you determine these important phrases. We’re experts at SEO.