From 1951, the ad below highlights where this car was actually manufactured. Back in 1951, the Frazer was made in the Willow Run plant – right here! The Kaiser-Frazer Sales Corporation was a short lived car manufacturer that sold A LOT cars. Some believe their cars were so well liked, the Big 3 were behind the reason their parts supply dried up and why they went out of business.

The Pride of Willow Run

Kaiser-Frazer Automobile 1951Kaiser-Frazer built well-received cars from 1946 to 1951. Back then, an advertisement like the one below was an expensive undertaking. The photography was top-notch. (note: the scan is not the best to display the great photography) It’s very interesting to note that while they mention European cars, mentioning where the car was actually built is an important piece of the ad’s copy. You can easily see how ad copy has changed and evolved over the years.

Help Save the Willow Run Plant

The Willow Run plant has an incredible history. Right now it’s fighting to not be demolished. To find out how you can help this fight, please go to “Save the Willow Run Bomber Plant“.