Should You Fire Your Marketing Specialist?

Is Your Marketing Specialist Serving You Well?

The short answer is, they just… are not.

The longer answer relays why your marketing specialist should be canned.

For this discussion lets say your business is a family law firm serving Southeastern Michigan. Of course you have many competitors! To raise your firm’s profile, you search for a good marketing firm. You may even think a marketing specialist company will understand your firm’s business concerns and goals better than a boutique marketing firm. Marketing specialists will tell you they know your business, because it’s their…specialty. That same marketing firm eagerly takes on as many family law firms as they can in the same market. They willingly woo your competitors and then bill it as ‘expertise’.

No, this is a serious conflict of interest.

A marketing firm cannot best advise your company on how to meet your online business goals if they are also working for your competitor. A marketing company cannot possibly fight for top placement in Google ads for two or more competing companies. A specialty marketing company simply cannot offer you their best efforts if they are also serving your competition’s best interests.

It is an absolute conflict of interest for a marketing firm to take on more than one company in a business category, within the same territory.

The Problem of Hiring a Specialty Marketing Firm?

You get ads like this:
Marketing Specialists

These two ads have been at the top of search results for the query ‘Ann Arbor Divorce Lawyer” for over a month. Who are they really serving? Certainly not these two law firms. I guarantee these two law firms are paying a significant monthly fee to get this lousy service. You pay your marketer to raise your online profile above your competitor’s. These two ads give the impression they are related firms. (They are not.) Yet, companies persist in thinking a marketing specialty firm is their best answer. Clearly this shows you they do not, and cannot, operate in your best interest.

Keystone considers it unethical to take on competing clients. Every business is unique and has it’s own set of assets, goals, and yes problems. What your business doesn’t need is a marketing company working with your competition. Keystone will never take your competition on as a client. We turn down business to work in our current client’s best interest.

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