Optimizing your website’s images is the number one fastest way to load your web pages faster.

For a variety of reasons, many of our customers take on content updates themselves. However, many don’t have staff with formal graphics training and end up with bloated images. While we at Keystone like to support our customer’s DIY approach, there are important concepts to understand for optimizing images.

These include:

  • The relationship between image quality, image size, and file weight
  • Image dimensions
  • Image compression
  • Media formats

Get image optimization help.

This article at GTmetrix is a wonderful image optimization guide for almost anyone who wants to improve their image optimization skills.

Good luck in your quest for faster-loading web pages.

When Keystone creates a website, we automatically optimize all images during website production. It’s one of the ways we create SEO-friendly websites from the outset. Contact Keystone if you’d like help making your website faster-loading.

Compressing images and quality