Internet Marketing.

What exactly does this term mean?

Here at Keystone Media, ‘Internet Marketing’ is the term used for all activities involved in maximizing your online presence. Your company has determined its digital goals and Internet Marketing are the collective activities put into place to achieve business goals. It’s search engine optimization (SEO), development of engaging and valuable content, social media, as well as analysis of your key performance indicators (KPI). It’s when you have all these activities working together that synergies really soar.

collaborative online marketing activitiesAs Search Engine Land’s blog article mentions the coordination of your marketing campaign strategies as critical. Everybody must work together. It is the collaboration of activities and various marketing teams that is so important.

While Search Engine Land’s blog article is overall a great article, the article seems to miss the emphasis on conversion tactics, a very important aspect of what makes an effective website. Therefore, they are missing a key aspect on creating a successful online business. It’s conversion tactics and then the measurement of conversions that really fuel positive website effectiveness. As the article states, engaging content, social media, and SEO need to work together. However, you cannot fully realize your business’s potential if you put your effort into driving traffic to your site, create engaging and valuable website content, have good social media presence, but neglect your conversion tactics. While they do mention analytics, in my humble opinion, analytics is really a key activity that illuminates what conversion tactics work and what conversion tactics don’t work. But it’s the conversion methods, or calls to actions that drive website visitors to completing the goals your company has set.

Conversion tactics are critical to maximizing your online success. When you clearly identify what you want your website visitors to do, ask them to do it, and measure it, then you can have the ultimate online success. At Keystone, we provide our customers the deep understanding how everything of importance must be measured. We help our customers understand their KPIs, then put into place the metrics to fully understand how to leverage their online space. Call us at 734.997.3000 or email us to find out how Keystone Can help your company maximize your online presence.