The History of Google Algorithm Timeline Infographic

This Google Algorithm Timeline Infographic was created for the Digital Strategy class I teach at the local community college – WCC. My students are fabulous and I really wanted them to understand how Google has evolved over the last decade.

Last night’s discussion was on the Google search engine indexing. Our conversation included Google’s algorithms. In my preparation and research for this lecture, I did a lot of googling around on Google’s various algorithm updates, what they address, and how a good SEO response might be. Many of the websites went into quite a lot of depth. For my students, I really wanted something more at the 30,000′ level – an overview.

To show what I wanted, I distilled down all the information and came up with the following Google Algorithm Timeline Infographic. Included is:

  • What the Google algorithm addresses
  • How a company might overcome Google algorithm challenges

This infographic highlights Google’s steady algorithm trend to reward high-quality, valuable content. To get better search engine results companies now need to provide good quality content on a regular basis.


Google Algorithm Timeline Infographic