Improve Your Website’s Results

Presented by: Annie Wolock, Keystone Media

nov 7, 2015 website workshopEffective websites not only attract more traffic but they convert that traffic into leads and sales. Plus, they measurably improve customer relations and retention.

If you want your website to work for you, this workshop is for you. Whether you want to develop an entirely new site, or better understand online marketing strategies, or are just looking for that next key business insight, this presentation demystifies the principles and strategies you’ll need to tap into the power if the Internet.

Tech trends may come and go, but savvy business practices significantly advance your business outcomes. With the marketing strategies presented, your website can start producing real results!

Website topics addressed will be:

  • Goal setting
  • Identifying your target market
  • Converting visitors to customers
  • Retaining your customers
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • Understanding keywords / phrases
  • Why blog?

About Annie

As the owner of Keystone Media, Annie Wolock has over 20 years experience in strategic planning for websites and online applications. She knows what it takes to create websites that improve online results and in her presentation she explains how to accomplish that goal.

Workshop Location

District 28 Toastmaster Fall Conference
Toledo, Ohio
November 7, 2015
9:30 am

Registration at
Cost: $50.00
Note: You have to be a Toastmaster to go!

Annie invites you to bring your website questions to this session.