Generating leads from web sites has become a critical component of marketing strategy. The goal is to maximize your ROI by increasing your conversion ratio of your click-through traffic to sales leads.

Here’s the Math

Let’s say you have a traffic rate of 1000 visitors and then 20 inquiries per day. This is a 2% conversion rate. Now let’s say you increase your traffic 10% to 1100 visitors, with your 2% conversion ratio, you’ll get 22 leads. Now let’s put some effort into increasing your conversion ratio just 1%. Just this small increase in conversion will generate a total of 30 leads for a difference of 8 leads per day. Increasing your conversion ratio is the most effective use of your time and budget.

One of the best ways to increase your leads is through effective use of ‘The Call to Action’. It’s important that once your visitors land on your site, they are guided to an action. This action could be ‘Call for More Info’ or Download This White Paper’, or some similar act. Whatever you choose for your ‘Call to Action’, it must be clear and persuasive. There are many other ways to increase the ROI of your website.