eMail Marketing Campaigns

Improve Your Customer Outreach

Email marketing has come a long way! It’s still the most powerful and effective way to reach your customers. Regular emails to your customer base are a great way to keep in touch and drive traffic back to your site.

Email Targeting

Segmentation and personalization create more relevant emails being sent to your email list. More relevant emails lead to greater open rates, click-through rates, and purchase rates. There are a lot of ways to get your email list more targeted and personalized. Some are easy, like a name in the email address. Other concepts are a bit more complex, like tracking when someone last purchased your products. The bottom line is some personalization is definitely better than none!

Subject Line Science

The subject line of your email is a critical piece of a successful email. Much is written about this. As much as 46% of us open an email based on the subject line alone. 69% of us report a spam email based on the subject line. Did you know, the mention of the word ‘newsletter’ in your subject line can reduce your open rate by approximately 18%? Keystone’s experience with email testing, allows us to improve your open and click-through rates.

Email Send Times

Maybe it’s not during the weekday at all! Testing and tracking of your email send times allows us to pinpoint what works best for your customers.

Mobile-ready Emails

Smartphone users account for 47% of all opens according to Litmus. Clearly, we don’t want to alienate almost half of your customer base. Let’s get your emails in the proper format!

Strong Messaging and Clear Calls-to-action

Once your customer opens your email, it’s so very important to grab their attention with strong headlines and a clear call to action. Did you know most people are more likely to react positively when you have a person’s face in your visuals?

Email Campaigns and Keystone

Keystone works with our customers in two different ways. We put the systems and templates in place, and then your team carries out your email campaigns. Or, we can write the copy and manage the whole process on your behalf. Either way, the reports you’ll receive will tell you who’s opened the emails, who has clicked through, and who took action.

Email campaigns are a perfect tool for all companies, but especially for business-to-business services and product sales.

Email Marketing