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Catholic Cemeteries of Fairfield County (Catholic Cemeteries) hired Keystone to design and develop a new website that better met their goals.

The Background

Catholic Cemeteries has nine active cemeteries in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and its old website was getting buried (pun intended) in search results. When someone searched specifically for one of its cemeteries by name, the results were often after Find a Grave, Yelp, Billion Graves, and other online cemetery directories.

Most importantly, their website’s online contact forms received almost no submissions. They understood that effective websites offer great success. And their current website was just not cutting it. Keystone to the rescue!

Catholic Cemeteries hired Keystone to create a new website that would meet these specific online business goals:

  • Attract more organic traffic/search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Convert traffic to either calls or online for submittals
    • Advance planning
    • At-need inquiries

The Strategy

Increase Organic Traffic with Each Cemetery having a Unique Landing Page

To increase local, organic website traffic, Keystone capitalized on the fact that each of its cemeteries is in a different town in Connecticut. Keystone planned to create a separate page for each cemetery when strategizing the website.

These new cemetery pages were carefully crafted to leverage all possible local, on-page search engine optimization (SEO) tactics.

Converting More Traffic with Better Calls to Action

The new website prioritizes user experience. When strategizing various web page layouts, careful attention was paid to using design and color to influence eye movement.

Each cemetery page has its contact form, decreasing friction for website visitors.

There are calls for advance planning with links to a well-designed landing page using gateway content to collect the email addresses of highly qualified prospects.

Keystone Media is on retainer by the Cemeteries to continuously improve website results.

The Impact

In February 2023, the month before Catholic Cemeteries launched its new website, total website traffic was 898, with NO inquiries.

In February 2024, website traffic was 1747, with organic traffic at 945.

The best news is that Catholic Cemeteries had a total of 161 form submittals or advance-planning guide downloads. An amazing success!

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