Continuous improvement for better results

Continuous Improvement for Better Results

Now that you’ve designed and developed your brand new site, don’t just walk away! Creating and launching a great website was just the beginning. Making your website the best it can be is an ongoing effort!

If you’ve had Keystone Media create your site, then you know we added analytics code to measure success. This code also allows us to track what might be improved. You’ll want to measure, analyze, tweak, and then repeat this cycle time and time again in an iterative process. This process is called website optimization or landing page optimization. These refer to the series of activities that improve your return on investment (ROI) of your website.

One important consideration when working on improving website performance is to make sure you make one change only, per session. You want to have concrete knowledge that it was the one change you made that caused the improvement. If you make more than one change at a time, you won’t be able to accurately determine which change cause the improvement.

Here are 5 ways you can make changes to your site, review your metrics, and take advantage of better conversions.

  1. A/B Split Testing
    Use of A/B split testing allows you to make a change and then measure the results much more accurately. It’s a simple process. You make a change, let’s say changing a ‘Buy Now’ button from yellow to red. With split testing you send half your site visitors to the page with a yellow button and the other half to the page with the red button. Now you have real data relaying what’s converting better!
  2. Heat Map Tracking
    Too many distractions on your page dilutes your web page’s effectiveness. For a page that has a specific purchase or action goal, you might remove your global navigation or anything else that allows your visitor to click away from the page. Heat map tracking can help you understand how people are using your web page as it allows you to track and react to visitor’s behavior.
  3. Calls to Action
    If you don’t ask your visitor to take action, they probably won’t. Making your call to action time sensitive is an even better way to improve this web page optimization tactic even further. One idea is the ‘limited supply’ or ‘3-hours only’. Be sure to ask your site’s visitors to take an action!
  4. Use Colors to Motivate
    While it’s understandable you’d want your landing pages to match your logo and branding, we advocate allowing some flexibility in colors to leverage the emotions that different colors create. For example, green has the same relaxing effects as blue, but still retains the energizing qualities of yellow. The darker shades of green give off more of the money/affluence feelings. For more about the emotions of colors, visit Try it out and you’ll find that your conversions and profit margins might improve!
  5. Pop Up Windows
    We know, we hate them too. But they WORK! When well done, pop up windows work very well for improving conversion rates. Done well that is!

There are many more tactics that you can use to improve your website conversion rates. Give us a call at 734.997.3000 or email to find out how Keystone can help improve your website’s effectiveness.