4 Ways to Manage Your Online Reputation Management

Follow these four online reputation management (ORM) rules and you’ll be set.


Actively Monitor Your Online Status

There are plenty of social media sites other than Facebook and Twitter, so keep tabs on them all. You should perform regular searches on your name to keep tabs on what people are saying about you or your brand.

Always be as Responsive as Possible

Respond to all comments quicklyWhen you receive a review or a comment on social media (good, bad, or neutral) respond very quickly. People expect quick a turn-around on their comments or requests. Even if you don’t have the answer, acknowledge them. If you are posting content, always reply to anyone who comments. Your goal should be to cultivate a relationship.

Ask for Reviews – They Matter

Ask For ReviewsOnline reviews are very important within the buying cycle. So ask your customers for their reviews. People will give reviews if asked. Google and Yelp reviews are especially helpful because they show up in search engine results. The best way to get reviews is to send a followup email to your customers. Make sure your email gives a link to make it easy for your customer to add their review.

Don’t Panic! Transparency is Important

Don't PanicTrying to cover up the truth can be the worse thing you can do. Be honest and patient. Admit your mistakes. If someone complains on social media, don’t delete the comment, but respond to it. People know that everyone makes mistake, it’s how you handle them that makes or breaks you. Any response other than a direct one can cause a situation to spiral out of control.

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